Planning a future trip, an upcoming getaway or just that much-needed staycation. Do check out Airbnb. Airbnb has developed from attractive to couch-surfing penny pincher tourists to professional travelers in search of unforgettable moments that let them experience a different level of relationship amongst friends, family, and colleagues.

Everyone has his or her own view of what budget traveling is. One could stay in a shabby hostel or share a noisy night at dorms with ecstatic travelers ready for their quest to conquer the world one country at a time.

However, other travelers would want to find a decent accommodation or better yet, a gorgeous, comfortable and memorable stay but so easy on the budget. This is where Airbnb steps in as travelers can hunt the database of properties online and all the time.

How To Save Money On Travel With Airbnb

Get a discount

For first-timers, there is a special coupon! Ranging from 25% to 40% off on one’s first stay. Now, isn’t that a sweet deal? One can simply get it from almost all travel websites, just google it out and they are so happy to give readers a referral link. Keep in mind the $40 credit is valid for first-time bookings only.

Book in advance

Airbnb listings are all unique, that makes them stand-out from a regular hotel with hundreds of identical rooms.  Having each property as extraordinary, the earlier the booking, the great chances of securing the place at a cheaper option.

Book late

Believe it or not, last minute bookings can also have its perks. Some hosts will drop their prices as the dates get closer. However, do avoid this strategy during peak season! Ultimately not a good idea since most properties are booked in advance.

Newly listed properties

Property owners who put up their places on Airbnb for the first time are excited to get as many great and verified reviews as they can. In that way, they drop prices sometimes way so low making it very attractive for guests. No reason to say no, a new or recently renovated property is always appealing and worth the stay.

Make a counter-offer

The best thing about the personal marketplace platform of Airbnb is that one can directly connect with the hosts. Do message them and negotiate. Ask if they offer other discounts and perks.

Find the host outside of Airbnb

Correspondingly, you can look for your host’s contact information on the Internet on sites other than Airbnb. This may allow one to negotiate a deal without the transaction fees.

Find a place with a kitchen

A kitchen will allow guests to cook own meals while on vacation. This means great savings because there is no need to frequently dine out. Sure, eating out in new places can be fun but think of all the money saved on food while preparing own breakfast or lunch.