Booming tech sectors and real estate often bond tightly. While Silicon Valley has the claim as the most vibrant tech center in the United States, and has for decades, according to Forbes. It’s still the number one overall and in most categories, but the report noted that the US is losing dominance to Asia and Europe. But before you go around the world you need to check these places out that will give you some great geek-themed road trip ideas and destinations.

Tech Tourism: People On Pilgrimages To Tech Meccas

If you really want to qualify as a member of the Geek Tribe, you have to make a pilgrimage to the holy land. We’ve pinpointed 5 places across America that should be of particular interest to those with a passion for tech. These top-ranked 5 pilgrim routes are tomorrow’s tech meccas:

Salt Lake City: It was recently ranked by Entrepreneur as the top startup destination, outside of San Francisco or New York.

Denver: Tech workplaces are expanding quickly here, led by Google’s $150 million office complex in Boulder, and the number of starts-ups are rapidly growing.

Atlanta: The metro area’s total tech jobs have bloomed by nearly 47 percent since 2010, nearly 20 percentage points above the national average.

Portland, Ore.: The tech community here is actually growing faster than its Silicon Valley counterpart, notes. Portland’s tech talent pool increased nearly 30 percent from 2010 to 2013, topping Silicon Valley’s nearly 10 percentage points.

Seattle: CBRE named it the nation’s third-best tech city in 2016. Tech employees continue to flock here. In Seattle, tech workers earn more than $110,000 per year, on average.

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