America is a funny place, if you can afford to laugh that is. Reports that billionaire, Warren Buffett, is investing big bucks in airline stocks and, therefore, the travel business, has that industry salivating in expectation. In the kingdom of capitalism, the very rich, are fawned upon like oriental potentates from our ancient past. There are armies of little people watching and following their every move and reporting it gleefully. Now, that the US has Trump as president, betting on large numbers of Americans getting the hell out of the place is not really such a big call to make.

Betting on Travel: From Buffett To Personal Lifestyle Funding

The historical parallels with ancient Rome and the US have been voiced for decades now. Thinking about Roman emperors like Nero, Caligula, Tiberius, Commodus and the like, it is easy to see Trump the rich man, the performer, and the deviant, bringing these qualities to the presidency of the largest empire on earth. Each day sees a kaleidoscope of dysfunctional moving chairs within his administration being broadcast to a gobsmacked world. American have been brought up to admire their presidents. This must be a tough pill to swallow.

So, travel is on the agenda for Americans seeking periods of relief from what they witness within their own country at the top end of things. Tourism can be inspired by many factors. The desire to get away is a strong one among them. The threat of terrorism is seen both at home and abroad. The madman in the oval office is making sure of that. Warren Buffett is betting on seeing an exodus of Americans leaving the promised land for quieter backwaters somewhere else. A trek up some Tibetan mountain or a paddle down the Amazon, perhaps.

People like their sport confined to arenas, a bit like those Romans, a media diet rich in blood sports, each and every day, is hard to bear. Who can you admire at the moment in the Trump presidency? Where will those overly sentimental Americans find their mawkish fare? An intensified interest in sports on the smaller fields, games that athletes play, and gambling on the results of more inconsequential things, will likely result. Click here for a look at those kinds of things. Betting on sports, where losing or winning is not taken quite so seriously. Remember, if things get too bad, you can always leave the country.